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Winter Months

light snow on the lawn

This is the time of year when we can sit in the warm and enjoy the view through our window of a crisp pure white blanket of snow transforming our garden into a beautiful winter wonderland.

Although charming, under this white covering there may be damage occurring to your dormant grass. During the snowy weather grass is susceptible to Snow Mould, this is a fungal disease caused by the damp and airless conditions under the snow.

Once melting has started Snow Mould will start to show, with dead or dying patches of flattened grass with a white, cottonwool looking mycelium growing. This mycelium is the fruiting body of the fungus indicating it is actively attacking the lawn. This is a common enough problem after snow and there is limited chemical control for this.

As ever in horticulture, prevention is better than cure. Here are some steps Lawn Control can help you with to encourage a healthier, stronger lawn so it emerges from the winter months in tip-top shape:

❄ Applying a low nitrogen, controlled release fertiliser in the autumn won't encourage a flush of growth but still give strength and colour. This fertiliser will also have higher levels of phosphorous and potassium, the nutrients that help to develop strong roots.

❄ A high thatch layer will hold onto too much moisture making a perfect environment for fungal attacks and also slowing the route of water and nutrients to the soil. Scarifying at the correct time of year will thin this barrier and greatly alleviate this problem.

❄ Compaction can create a cap over the soil surface meaning that moisture will not be able to penetrate, aerating regularly will ensure this problem doesn't occur and encouraging deeper rooting plants.

❄ Fertilising in the spring with the correct fertiliser will help your lawn bounce back and have it looking great for the coming year!

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