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Choosing Stump Grinding Over Pulling Out Tree Stumps

We all love trees but often it’s a different story regarding tree stumps. Tree stumps can be an eyesore, a tripping hazard and become a breeding ground for insects or disease.

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Ed Griffiths, Head of Operations, CGM Group

We all love trees but often it’s a different story regarding tree stumps.  Tree stumps can be an eyesore, a tripping hazard and become a breeding ground for insects or disease.  I’ll explain why I usually recommend to customers to choose stump grinding rather than pulling out tree stumps.

  • Stump grinders are safer and cause less disruption to the surrounding area

With a stump grinder we have accurate control over where the grinder works to help minimise the disruption to the surrounding area. This is especially important when you are dealing with tree stumps near walls, paths or premises.  If you pull out the stump it can be unsafe as you might catch utility cables and you can’t control the damage you cause to the surrounding land.

  • Getting rid of tree stumps quickly

A key advantage is that stump grinding is much faster than pulling the stump out. We have a Predator RX50 stump grinder that can grind a 45cm diameter stump in about 15 minutes.  You need to bear in mind the speed of grinding depending on the type of wood involved.  Softer woods like conifers and willow can be ground faster than harder woods like oak and beech.

  • Difficult to reach tree stumps

Stumps can be in difficult to reach places that a machine like a tractor wouldn’t be able to access. We have a Rayco RG13-11 stump grinder, which is similar in size to a domestic lawnmower, that can be easily moved to reach stumps in difficult to reach places.

  • Reinstating the ground after the stump is removed

If you pull out a stump you will be left with a big hole that you might have to buy extra soil to fill.  With stump grinding, usually we grind down stumps to 15 centimetres below the surface as this is sufficient for how most of people want to use the land afterwards. We can grind down to a depth of 30 centimetres below the surface if required.

  • Worried about leaving in the roots after stump grinding

I think people like idea of pulling out the stump so all the roots are removed and there is no chance of the tree growing back – especially if the tree has caused them problems.  Usually after a stump grinding only small roots are left which are unlikely to regrow or produce suckers (growth from the root system). There are some trees, like Aspens, that are typically more likely to produce suckers but we can apply a treatment to inhibit the suckers from growing.

  • Left with a stump or wood chippings

After stump grinding there will be a large pile of wood chippings.  If the tree wasn’t infected you can use the wood chippings as mulch in the borders. Alternatively, we can easily remove the wood chippings and leave you with a nice tidy space.  If you opt for having the stump pulled out you might incur an extra charge for the stump and root ball to be taken away.

We’re always willing to provide advice on tree stumps and will be happy to visit you and provide a free quote.  Give us a call on 0800160 1199 or email:

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