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Waterway Maintenance

We understand the importance of considering the timing of vegetation cutting and the impact it has on wildlife

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Waterway Maintenance & Restoration

CGM Group have many years of experience of maintaining embankments by cutting back vegetation (hawthorn, brambles and trees) and desilting to help manage potential flood risk.

We understand the importance of considering the timing of vegetation cutting and the impact it has on wildlife.

The cutting of vegetation normally commences in late spring, and then regular maintenance is undertaken before the nesting season, to discourage birds from nesting in the vegetation.

We own a variety of highly specialised equipment and machinery to cut and maintain either sparse or congested vegetation on river banks. Our specialist equipment allows us to access areas that are by their very nature, quite hazardous, and we operate machinery with rear and side mower attachments, to reduce the risk.

Before any operations commence, we carefully check the route so we are confident that the machinery and our staff will have clear access and egress along the bank, and there are no obstructions.

In-Channel weed removal

CGM Group are specialists at removing weeds to assist with keeping channels flowing properly.  Reeds are often cut in a 2—5 years cycle.

We use a variety of  specialist equipment to clear reeds including our unique CGM Boats that are equipped with an on board excavator and weed buckets.

Clearing reeds from a bank

We use an excavator with a weed basket attached, to clear reeds. The removed reeds and weeds are deposited on the site to provide nutrients to the soil.

Clearing reeds using boats/amphibious machines

We use boats that have equipment to cut the reeds, and then collect the weeds using a weed net.

We also use a Truxsor which is a tracked amphibious vehicle, that cuts reeds from the water.The Truxsor can acess locations that a boat or excavator would not be able to reach and also work in shallower water than a weed boat.

It is important that cut reeds are not allowed to drop back into the channel as they may block culverts or be transported to a pumping station.  The cut reeds could cause a thick mat that damages the vegetation underneath

Clearing reeds by hand

In some locations where it is physically impossible to utilise our specialist equipment, we utilise traditional hand cutting techniques to remove the reeds.

In-Channel Tree Management

Trees can grow along the channel and CGM Group have the equipment and knowledge to reduce or fell the tree when necessary.

We also practice tree hinging: this is when a tree is cut almost all the way through and then allowed to drop and helps form a natural barrier to the channel.

We use chainsaws and tree shears for tree management.  The tree shears allow the operator to grip the trunk whist being cut and then it can be carefully positioned into a safe place.

Lock, Weir & Dyke Maintenance

CGM Group have extensive experience of maintaining locks, weirs and dykes too.


Dredging is the removal of material, usually sand or silt, from the bed or banks of a main river.

CGM Group have been engaged by a National Government Agency to carry out dredging work throughout the East of England.

We check if there are any Tree Preservation Orders (TPO) on the trees or designated historic sites where we will be conducting work.

We are careful not to cause disturbance to any protected species like watervoles. We take measures to not disturb nesting birds or prevent them from returning to their nests.

If any invasive species are identified on the land where we are working, we create a plan of how to manage and dispose of any waste to prevent the species from spreading.

Our experienced staff only remove silt and sediment that has accumulated, and do not take away additional material.  We keep accurate records of the dredging work to demonstrate the work we have undertaken.

Wildflower Seeding

Wildflower seeding has grown in popularity, and organisations are realising the benefits of creating a wildflower meadow to help reach any biodiversity targets as well as helping the environment.

CGM Group prepare the land by shallow cultivation, sow the wildflower and then roll the ground.

We can also use our Blecavator to create the seed bed and sow the grass seed in one pass, and then level the soil.

Ecology Surveys and Consultancy

CGM Group are experienced at conducting ecology surveys and consultancy. We are often asked to work at sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and adhere to ecological best practise guidance. CGM Group is an accredited ISO14001 business.


CGM Group is an Award-Winning Regional Horticultural, Arboricultural and Landscaping Organisation. Our management team has a wealth of experience delivering small and large maintenance schemes across the region and consistently win industry awards


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Our History

Back in 1985, a young and very entrepreneurial Tim Glover, set off on his adventure to provide grass cutting services to the local community here in West Norfolk. He sold his personal vehicle to purchase a brand-new VW Caddy, and bought his first ride on lawn mower, his brother fabricated and made his first trailer.

Fast forward to today, we are trusted by some of the biggest and well-known businesses in the country to offer a broad range of green contracting services, however, we still look after the needs of our smaller and domestic customers too, maintaining the long-term relationship that first developed all those years ago.

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