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Grass Cutting

Keeping grass areas well maintained helps to create a good impression of your site

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Grass Cutting

Keeping grass areas well maintained helps to create a good impression of your site.

Our highly skilled operatives are trained to use the very best commercial mowers on the market, along with the latest grass maintenance equipment and technology, including robotic and battery-operated machinery. The finer detail, after a grass cut, is taken care of by trimmers and hand tools and for larger grass areas tractors equipped with high capacity mowing decks provide a versatile mowing solution.

We pride ourselves on providing a reliable, professional service.  We work with customers to agree a schedule of regular grass cutting and give advice on how to get the most from your budget.

Grass cuttings

Certain machines collect the grass cuttings so no cuttings are left on the grass.  We then dispose of grass cuttings in a composting facility, either on or offsite.

Sometimes we leave the grass cuttings on the ground so they can decompose to provide nutrients.  We use a range of brush-cutter machines that have two blades, one to cut the grass and another to shred the cutting so the mulch is much finer and breaks down quicker.

Safeguarding the public and premises whilst mowing

Before commencing cutting we remove and dispose of all stones, debris and hazardous objects which could present a danger to the public or your premises.

Objects in the way of grass cutting

When objects are moveable like litterbins, benches and dustbins we will lift them, set them aside and replace them in their original position after grass cutting. When there are objects likes trees, sign posts and street signage that we cannot move, we will trim around the object so it looks the same standard of the main grass cut.

Scalping Edges

We take care to ensure that the edgings are cut properly with the correct equipment to prevent edges being scalped.

Fertilising grass area

We have experienced staff who understand what is needed to keep your grass area looking in great condition. We can apply fertilisers to help your lawn grow and advise on drainage too.

Tidying up stray grass cutting

During mowing the cuttings can sometimes end up on nearby paths and roads, so we will sweep away any lose cuttings and leave the site in pristine condition.  We do not clean our machinery on your site, we always clean our machinery at our depots.


CGM Group is an Award-Winning Regional Horticultural, Arboricultural and Landscaping Organisation. Our management team has a wealth of experience delivering small and large maintenance schemes across the region and consistently win industry awards


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We are independently owned and operated

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Our History

Back in 1985, a young and very entrepreneurial Tim Glover, set off on his adventure to provide grass cutting services to the local community here in West Norfolk. He sold his personal vehicle to purchase a brand-new VW Caddy, and bought his first ride on lawn mower, his brother fabricated and made his first trailer.

Fast forward to today, we are trusted by some of the biggest and well-known businesses in the country to offer a broad range of green contracting services, however, we still look after the needs of our smaller and domestic customers too, maintaining the long-term relationship that first developed all those years ago.

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