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We provide gritting and snow clearance services to many local councils and corporate clients


Gritting Services

Range of gritting service options

CGM Group offers three gritting service options:

  • Proactive gritting service

The customer agrees a set temperature at which gritting should occur.  CGM Group would be responsible for monitoring the weather reports, and when the set temperature is forecasted would automatically grit the site.  The customer gains peace of mind knowing that their site will automatically be gritted without having to activate our service.

  • Pay as you go gritting service

The customer analyses the temperature reports and makes the decision when to request for their site to be gritted. Some customers prefer this option as they feel it gives them more flexibility to choose when gritting is required.  We always recommend that gritting should be carried out when the expected road surface temperature (RST) will be 0 degrees centigrade.

  • Reactive gritting service

This is when we have gritted your site once and then later your site freezes again and you require an additional gritting.  The additional gritting can happen within 24 hours of the previous gritting. Depending on your location we aim to be at your site within three hours from the time of the call.

Gritting vehicles and machinery

CGM Group have invested in a range of gritting vehicles and machinery.

Some vehicles have a GPS system tracking system which records the route, speed, whether it is spreading salt and the amount of salt being used.  We can provide accurate reports to organisations to show which routes have been gritted.

We use gritting machines that are linked to computers to control the correct amount of salt, the direction of the salt and the width of the spread.   We understand that too much salt can cause braking and slipping problems, and more sensitive plants may receive burning to their leaves if these plants overhand the kerb lines.

Gritting at the most effective time

We usually grit during the evenings and early morning and aim to ensure the customers’ sites are fully operational for 6am.  We try to grit as effectively as possible and take into account the weather conditions that can interfere with grit like wind moving the grit or rain washing the grit away.

Types of Salt and De-icers

CGM Group are happy to advise on what type of salt will be best suited to your gritting needs.

Brown de-icing salt – brown grit or rock salt is usually used for highways including public pathways.  Traditional rock salt is mined from the ground so is a finite resource.

White de-icing salt – this is becoming a preferred choice as marine salt is purer than traditional rock salt and carries less moisture so has a faster reaction than standard salt.  Marine salt leaves less residual and unlike rock salt stops any reddish-brown colour being walked into buildings and carpets. Importantly marine salt is a renewable resource so it is better for the environment.

High performance de-icers – these work at low temperatures and can be in granular or liquid form, and generally cause less corrosion.

Liquid de-icer – is a fast-acting de-icer which is effective at low temperatures.  Liquid de-icers are used at airports and railways when they need to guarantee paths etc are kept clear of ice. Organisations may want to use a liquid de-icer on non-slip metal staircases (fire exits) or pathways.

Salt Bins

Customers often want to have an onsite supply of salt and we can provide salt bins (sometimes called grit bins) and salt.  We can regularly check the level of the salt to ensure you have a sufficient stock during the cold weather.


CGM Group is an Award-Winning Regional Horticultural, Arboricultural and Landscaping Organisation. Our management team has a wealth of experience delivering small and large maintenance schemes across the region and consistently win industry awards


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Our History

Back in 1985, a young and very entrepreneurial Tim Glover, set off on his adventure to provide grass cutting services to the local community here in West Norfolk. He sold his personal vehicle to purchase a brand-new VW Caddy, and bought his first ride on lawn mower, his brother fabricated and made his first trailer.

Fast forward to today, we are trusted by some of the biggest and well-known businesses in the country to offer a broad range of green contracting services, however, we still look after the needs of our smaller and domestic customers too, maintaining the long-term relationship that first developed all those years ago.

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